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Beaten Track Brewery has had one heck of an experience getting to where they are today!





June 2007

The Beaten Track Brewery name is registered and Company (BIA Investments Australia Pty Ltd) is incorporated. The name was given to the Brewery by Nicole Garbin.

July 2007

Planning commences for business planning, venue, beers and all of the boring stuff. Andy Biggs and Nick Galton-Fenzi spend much time with the saying “mmmm beer...”

January 2008

Venue is purchased for conversion into the brew house. A warehouse in Boulder (Formally a Powder Coaters building) is about to undergo a massive transformation.

June 2008

Plans are submitted to Local Shire and Dept. Racing Gaming and Liquor for approval.

September 2008

Plans are approved by Dept. Racing Gaming and Liquor and Shire.

September 2008

GFC hits and hits hard. Banks withdraw pre-approval for loans to Beaten Track for the commencement of construction. The plan is there is a new plan...

January 2009

New plans are submitted to Local Shire and Dept. Racing Gaming and Liquor for approval.

March 2009

Plans are approved by Dept. Racing Gaming and Liquor and Shire.

March 2009

Building of the venue begins in earnest.

December 2009

Building is complete. 80 hours a week for the last 9 months.



January 2010

Plans are approved by Dept. Racing Gaming and Liquor. BTB are able to commence wholesale trading.

January 2010

ABC local radio does a story on brewing in the Goldfields.

February 2010

Final touches on the fit out and negotiations for supply of raw ingredients.

March 2010

First brew is put down!!! Our Summer Ale 4.7%

April 2010

Boulder is hit by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake and destroys BTB’s first batch of beer and entire grain storage pile is destroyed by a leaking roof water main.

May 2010

Beaten Track spend the next 2 months conducting repairs to the premise and rebuilding equipment.

June 2010

End of financial year – 3 years into the project and not a single drop of beer has been made. A big disappointment and funds for the project are now dwindling.

September 2010

Kalgoorlie Golf Course gets its liquor licence.



September 2010

Beaten track Brewery Congratulates the Shire on their achievement.


January 2011

Beaten Track start supplying beer to the newly built Kalgoorlie Golf Course.

April 2011

Beaten Track is beaten down by Carlton United and pouring rights agreements at the Kalgoorlie Golf Course. Beaten Track is asked to remove their equipment from the premise...



Rate Payers pay the price for an unsustainable golf course that fails to support local business in favour of Carlton United.



April 2011

Trading and production ceases at Beaten Track Brewery.

May 2011

Markets evaporate and BTB needs a new plan... Luckily, plans for a tasting area were submitted to Dept. Racing Gaming and Liquor for approval in January 2011, it will be

May 2011

Building commences on the tasting area in earnest – more building!!



June 2011

Tasting area complete – now waiting on Local Shire to approve changes to business hours. Thank you to the Shire Councillors, especially Cr Russell Haigh, Cr Esther Roadnight OAM, Cr Laurie Ayers and Cr Nat James for their support.



July 2011

The Shire approve changes to trading hours and S39 and S40 certificates are issued.

July 2011

Good news story in the Kalgoorlie Miner.


September 2011

Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor issue approval for tasting area.

October 2011

Beaten Track Brewery recommences trading!!!


October 2011

Tours commence in conjunction with Kalgoorlie Tours and Charters.

11 October 2011

75 mm of Rainfall in 1 hour. Gutters overflow, mud and silt floods the brewery. Everything under 10 cm of water and mud. 5 hour cleanup. Wall art, 100 kg grain, cartons and Christmas orders destroyed.


December 2011

Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor advise that they have been incorrectly issuing our Occasional Trading Permits for the past 8 months and we are forced to stop our popular extended beer tasting functions. Back to the Shire for the re-gazetting of land and RGL for another licence and 12 month permiting process – all for 20 person tasting events...

January 2012

We turn Two Years Old on the 6th of January 2012!!

February 2012

BTB submit a Schedule amendment to the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder to regazette the land in preparation for the lodgement of a ‘Tavern Licence’.

March 2012

BTB nominate for changes to Section 55, Part 1 (a) (iii) of the Liquor Control Act 1988 to allow on site consumption for holders of a ‘producers licence’.

April 2012

Installation of 2 x 300 L Fermenters – Only just keeping up with demand!



























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